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Co Pilot Bike Trailer

The nib co-pilot Co Pilot bike trailer white 20 inch distressed box is a beneficial alternative to store and display your new or bike, this box presents an 20 inch wheelbase and is topped with a black carbon fiber beater seat. It features a white distribution system and is complimentary for nib wire & gas.

Wee Ride Co Pilot Bike Trailer

Co-pilot bike trailer is a cool bike trailer that is sensational for kids who desiderate to ride their own bike or take their bike to where they want to go, it imparts a bright pink frame that is enticing for younger children. The bike trailer can carrying also for small bikes or children with a small frame, the co-pilot bicycle trailer is an excellent choice to get your bike to from work. It's facile to operate and includes an 19 inch white bike, so you can avoid traffic, it's also beneficial for carrying your groceries or tools. The Co Pilot bike trailer is top-rated for folks who desire biking and riding bikes, this bike trailer is prime for somebody who wants to bike or ride their bike in the forest or meadow. The Co Pilot bike trailer is fabricated out of durable materials that will last long while still providing a small and comfortable space for everyone in the bike group, our wee bike trailers are excellent for bringing your bike to the grocery store, the post office, or simply to the park! They are made of durable plastic and have an easy-to-clean finish. The co-pilot bike trailer can hold up to three bikes and effortless to remove when needed for future use.