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Instep Bike Trailer Coupler

The Instep bike trailer Coupler is a straightforward to handle and opinion leader bike trailer Coupler that renders everything you need to couple your bike with ease, this Coupler is top-rated for use with a bicycle or bike, and can be used for a variety of other outdoor activities as well. The Coupler is fabricated from durable plastic and is available in a variety of colors to suit your needs.

Bike Trailer Coupler Attachment

This is an enticing upgrade for your bike trailer! The old attachment was becoming tired and starting to break, this new one is designed to keep your bike safe and secure while you're on the go. The angled elbow attachment provides a better view of your bike, while the bicycle schwinn instepkid's pet feature provides an extra protection for his little body, this bike trailer Coupler hitch trailer Coupler attachment for the schwinn Instep bike trailers gives you a you need when your getting ride out on your bike. This attachment provides two attach points on each end making it effortless to get your bike to from the bike trailer, the attachment also presents a comfortable shoulder strap for basic carry. The Instep bike trailer attachment is a sensational substitute to keep your bike secured and connected, this attachment includes a webbing strap and a coupler, both of which are necessary to connect the bike to the trailer. The Coupler is adjustable to suit different heights, and the strap is balanced and waterproof for protection, the webbing strap is durable and comfortable, making it a first-class alternative for use in harsh conditions. The Instep bike trailer attachment is fully waterproof, making it first-rate for use in storms, this universal Coupler is splendid for attaching a bicycle trailer to a vehicle. It is fabricated from sturdy materials and is sure to last for many years.